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Current Projects of the Senegalese Education Fund

Currently, SEF is supporting one young woman and one young man in their pursuit of higher education.

Our young woman is 22 years old. Her name is Helene Faye. She is from the Sine-Saloum region of Senegal. Due to her family supporting one of her brother's higher education,her education goals had been deemed unrealistic. Helene graduated from a high school in Kaolack, Senegal in 1999.With help from the Senegalese Education Fund, she is currently enrolled in the Technical School of Dakar in their Computer and Business Administration Program.

Our young man's name is Lamine Niang and he is 20 years old. He graduated from high school in Thies, Senegal in 1999,where he was born and raised. Due to his family's financial situation and their support of his three sisters through their secondary education, he decided to put his own education on hold. His artistic talent and his love for computers is now being nurtured in the computer design program that he has enrolled in, with help from the Senegalese Education Fund. Lamine Niang is currently enrolled in a school of Information Sciences in Thies.

SEF is also supporting the Girls Club of Passi, Senegal.

This Girls Club was started in November of 1999 and has been meeting monthly. The girls involved are 11-13 years old and have never been enrolled in the government provided formal education system. During the 6 hour meetings they learn skills from local women, who serve as role models as well as educators. At the 8-01-2001 meeting, new girls will be welcomed by our Senegalese coordinator, with assistance from Peace Corps Volunteers, David Reesor and name2.