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Senegalese Education Fund Library

Women and Women's Education in Africa

Selfish Gifts : Senegalese Women's Autobiographical Discourses
by Lisa McNee

"Offering Senegalese women's autobiographical discourses as an original contribution to the critical debate about identity and self-representation, Lisa McNee asks how Senegalese women represent themselves, rather than asking who has the right to represent them." Selfish Gifts

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Writing African Women: Gender, Popular Culture and Literature in West Africa
by Stephanie Newell (Editor)

"This unique book brings together a wide variety of African academics and other researchers to explore the links between literature, popular culture and theories of gender. The first part looks at African gender theory. The book then goes to on analyse women's writing, uncovering the ways in which different writers have approached, appropriated and subverted issues of female creativity, stereotypes of 'African Women' and colonial history. Part three looks at the interaction of sexual politics, polemics and popular culture, including explorations of the gender dynamics of mask performance and oral story-telling. This major analysis of gender in popular and postcolonial cultural production is essential reading for students and academics in women's studies, cultural studies and literature." Card catalog description

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