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Senegalese Education Fund Activities Update

Currently, SEF is looking into a partnership with other small NGOs (non governmental organizations) that work in Senegal to further all our goals and missions. Updates coming soon.

Current Recipient

Marriama Diatta was born in 1971 in the village of Ndoumboudj, Senegal. She started primary school in 1978 and went to high school in 1986. After she graduated from high school, Marriama took the BAC exam (the test needed to attend university in Senegal) in 1994. Unfortunately, she did not pass the test and therefore, stopped school.

Marriama then moved back home to her village. After this she went to Dakar where she worked as a maid to support herself. In Dakar, in the year 2001, Marriama met someone whom she thought was the man of her life and married him. After getting married, she continued working as a maid part time while selling shoes and fabrics to raise their income. Two years later, she was heart broken when she found out that her husband married another woman without letting her know in advance. She then got a divorce and moved back to her village.

In the fruit season of 2004, Marriama sold mangoes and cashew nuts and used her money to take computer classes, which she thought might help her get a better paying job so that she could go back to school to further her education. She believes getting a further education would enable her to finally find a good and secure job to support her future family. In October 2004, Marriama got a scholarship from the Senegalese Education Fund (SEF), and now she is at an accounting school in Dakar called Info Energie and getting a degree called Breve Technicien en Contabilite Gestion (Licensed Technician in Accounting Management).

Update on Previous Recipients

Our first recipient, Helene Faye, is from the Sine-Saloum region of Senegal. With help from the Senegalese Education Fund, she enrolled in the Technical School of Dakar in their Computer and Business Administration Program. Helene is now enrolled in at Ecole Superieure Polytechnique in Dakar to do an advanced degree in Marketing, thanks to SEF. She has also agreed to be a mentor for our new recipient, Marie. She will help her find a school that suits her and help her in the work force when she graduates.
Lamine Niang was our next receipient. His artistic talent and his love for computers was honed in the Information Sciences program that he enrolled in, with help from the Senegalese Education Fund. Lamine has now gone to Italy to find work in his field but hopes to return to Senegal soon to help support his family.

SEF also supported the Girls Club of Passy, Senegal