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Organization of the Senegalese Education Project

The idea for the Senegalese Education Fund started in Senegal while Judith Kader Brenner was a Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in Senegal from 1998-2000. In July of 2000, she returned home and found others interested in her ideas for promoting education in Senegal.

From July of 2000 to April of 2001, the groundwork for the organization was built and different options for obtaining non-profit status were considered. In April of 2001, the Senegalese Education Fund project was voted in as an official project of the Returned Peace Corps Group of Madison-Wisconsin.

Currently, the SEF Project activities include the creation and administration of two scholarships and the support of The Girls Club.

The Senegalese Education Fund is run by a Steering Committee. This committee is made up of volunteer members who meet regularly to organize and manage the project. All decisions are made through consensus.

Currently, there are six Steering Committee members and one liaison to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Group of Madison, Wisconsin. All meetings of the Steering Committee are open to the public.

Within the Steering Committee, there are sub-committees, including web site design and maintenance, fund raising, and finance. All interested persons and volunteers are welcome and we encourage everyone to attend a meeting.